Not just a game, it's a game changer.

Democratize Me is a 7-day challenge via Facebook Messenger that works just like MiVote’s direct democracy. But in this game, your friends get to vote on your life. Sound like fun? Click on the video and let James Mathison guide you through it.
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  • How to play:
  • The game starts as soon as the player has 3 MPs signed up OR 24 hours have passed since the player signed up
  • Players can add as many MPs to their party as they like
  • Participants can only be in one party at a time, either as a player or as an MP
  • Parties last a maximum of 7 days
  • Each challenge lasts a maximum of 24 hours. During this time the Party must select a challenge for the player to complete, the player must upload evidence of having completed the challenge, and the Party decide if the player's evidence is sufficient proof for having completed the challenge.
  • Once a challenge is complete, the bot will present the next challenge and the 24 hour timer starts again.
  • The challenges the player needs to perform will be selected once the first 60% of MPs respond to the challenge selection vote (this prevents the game from locking up if several MPs are unavailable to vote on the challenge)
  • When voting on whether a player has completed the challenge, at least 51% of the votes must be 'Yes', otherwise the challenge is forfeited
  • Players may 'cannon-ball' challenges if they choose, and can complete as many challenges as they like in a row in as short a time as it takes them to complete challenges
  • Players do have the option to abstain from a challenge selected by their parliament, but then forfeit that challenge and lose potential fund raising creds
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